Talking with the groundswell

Talking with the groundswell

In the past, if we talk about sending the message to the customer, we will think about advertising through television, radio and magazine. However, it is only one-way communication. Company could send the message to customer, but we never know that customer receive it or understand it or not. Today, there are so many ways to connect to the customer. Groundswell becomes a good choices for communicate with the customer with two-way communication. We could make sure that customer know what we are saying. Also, we know what customer’s think.

How is talking with the groundswell differs from marketing

In 2006, companies spent more than $400 billion on advertising purport to create brands awareness, and sending the message to customer. Marketing department becomes key position in speaking with the customer. The main methods marketer uses are advertising and public relations. In traditional marketing theory, customers are driven through awareness, consideration, preference and action. Then, customers will become buyers. Groundswell will be most influence since awareness to buying the product. From the survey online in 2006, 83 percent of people said they believe in recommendations from friends and acquaintances more than reviews from strangers.

Techniques for talking with the groundswell

1. Post a viral video by put in online, and let people share it.
2. Engage in social networks and user-generated content sites; for example, create personal site in the social networking like MySpace.
3. Join the blogosphere in order to listening and respond to other blogs in the blogosphere.
4. Create a community because it will become very powerful way to engage your customers.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a service that appeals to information technology professionals who integrate applications.

Tips for successful blogging

As we see from many benefit above and the previous blog. Now, let’s see the tip to make your customer engage with your company.

1. Start by listening. It is the way to monitor your industry, competitors, pundits and others influences.
2. Determine a goal for the blog. Choose your goal, and follow it.
3. Estimate the ROI by using spreadsheet in order to determine how you think the blog will pay off, and how it cost?
4. Develop a plan
5. Rehearse by writing five or ten posts before allowing them to live it. It would help you sorts of topics you will cover.
6. Develop an editorial process to see if they need immediately response.
7. Design the blog and its connection to your site.
8. Develop a marketing plan so people can find the blog. For example; email introducing your blog or put your blog in the search engines.
9. Remember, blogging is more than writing. It could lead you to very successful.
10. Find advice; be honest. Make sure that you use very comment of your customer develop your company.

Reference: Charlene L. and Josh B. (2008) “Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies” (pp. 99-127). Harvard business press: Boston, Massachusetts.

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